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London Vet Show 2019

“Its not just a product, its a statement!“
Tanel Joost — Equa CEO

So, what is that we want to say with this product? We believe that vets deserve well designed and esthetic products. These times are long over when vetenary field used human medical secondary equipment -> that is our statement.

18. 11. 2019
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Workshop CZEPA ─ antidecubitus seating

Another sweet meeting with our friendly physiotherapists, ergo therapists and wheelchair users in the Czech paraplegic association ─ CZEPA, this time in order to test our new ideas of the anti decubitus seating system.

15. 11. 2019
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Equa – our first abroad client!

a trip to Estonian city Tartu to visit our partners from company Equa

17. 1. 2018
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12 mladých designérů, kteří zazářili v roce 2017

Děkujeme Czech designu za zařazení mezi tuto dvanáctku roku!

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Designblok 2017

Presentation of a unique product Vážka in Superstudio of the biggest design and fashion show in Middle Europe.

1. 11. 2017
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Reportáž z Czech design weeku o Zdravém designu na ČT ART

11. 11. 2015
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Zdravý design na CZECH DESIGN WEEK!

We are honoured to be selected to an exhibition in the heart of Europe.

6. 11. 2015
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Book stand ready for purchase!

The Book stand is our first product made in cooperation with a non-profit organization. With this project we fulfilled one of our aims – to help with design where is needed.

23. 4. 2014
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