Zdravý design

Another software? Was it necessary?

26. 4. 2021

Yeah! And we can happily announce we have acquired SolidWorks Professional! It can do plenty of awesome work and makes our designing easier. To fully understand its importance, it is necessary to explore the work process in Zdravy design.

Design is the key point of our studio — that’s Věra’s job.  It is less common having in the studio our own engineer. And that’s Tomáš. Cooperation between Věra and Tomáš is crucial because the design is an idea that’s filled by the constructor. Ideally (ie in Zdravý design) there is a permanent dialogue between the designer and engineer about their requirements and limits.

For example — when the engineer has too much space, the design can be too “sturdy”, following only the function and technical design and it can omit the ergonomic principles and friendly appearance of the product.
On the other hand, if the designer gets too much space, it can be difficult to choose a suitable production technology and assembly method. Product maintenance can be complicated and production costs can get higher. It is thus a matter of constantly keeping a delicate balance between these approaches. We save time and money because an adjustment in every stage of the design is possible.

And now SolidWorks Professional comes on stage. It is a user friendly and professional tool that allows converting all designer and constructor ideas into 3D models.

We work with free 3D modeling, sheet metal parts, planar or volume objects, and sets with arbitrary connections of individual parts during the design phase.
The next step verifies functionality through sets disintegration, collision analyzes firmness, and media flow simulations.
An extensive library of standardized components, connecting elements, and appearances is included. We use it for advanced images and video rendering, full presentation of product design and functionalities, and the analysis of the set.
The virtual reality module is useful during the verification of various variants of product design.

The software is compatible with our other design tools such as Rhinoceros. This saves the time necessary for output data converting. The efficient outputs of high-quality data for production include classic drawing documentation, 2D contours for plotters, or CAD models for serial production.

The list of options is dazzling, but to be honest — all these tweaks are unnecessary if we don’t have a project to use them for. And that’s all about. Advanced software saves us time and money. And then we can save time and money to our clients.