Zdravý design

London Vet Show 2019

18. 11. 2019

It is there! This new product, the Veterinary Consult Table we designed for Equa was launched in London Vet Show 2019! Not even 8 months of work and about a month of production.
Special thanks to our excellent engineer Tomáš, who jumped into the project without any hesitation and big thanks to the Equa production team, who did an amazing job! 
And even if we think now what should have been better, I am very thankful for this opportunity to have this experience.

“Its not just a product, its a statement!
So, what is that we want to say with this product? We believe that vets deserve well designed and esthetic products. These times are long over when vetenary field used human medical secondary equipment -> that is our statement.” 

Tanel Joost — Equa CEO

Thanks! ♥