Zdravý design

Equa – our first abroad client!

17. 1. 2018

The New Year started with a small diversification – Věra went to North to visit our new Estonian client.

The Equa OÜ company is based in Tartu, the second biggest city in the inland of Estonia. The family business was established in 1995, since then the company have worked out and produced a number of medical equipment such as hospital beds, massage couches, bedside lockers, therapy exercisers, patient hoists, trolleys, operation tables accessories and many more. Beside medical products, EQUA manufactures also veterinary products such as examination and operation tables and transport trolleys. Veterinary equipment is sold under the trademark Ergo-Vet. Their wide range of manuafcturing from precise machining to conventional metal works, upholstering and assembling works, speaks for everyhing.

Now came a need to push their products further and to address foreign clients. The owners know that precise and great quality products are not enough anymore and that it is a time to catch up new clients with innovative design product. 

We are honoured that we have been chosen to make the new products ourselves in Zdravý design!