Zdravý design

The Veterinary table was not our first project in cooperation with our international client Equa. BUT it is the first one, which was successfully developed in a short period of time (9 months) from the very first sketch to the fully functional prototype and show at London Vet show 2019!

Our aim when designing the new veterinary table was to forget how the veterinary tables were designed since now and which materials were mostly used. In the field of the veterinary technic, the design was not important nor applied and many times the quality of the products was not important either. Not a very long time ago the old surgery and examination technic for human was used as veterinary technic instead.

The new veterinary examination and transport table was designed as an elegant piece of medical furniture with an inovative aplication of Corian, which on this type of product is uniq. Corian in this aplication makes whole table top — the most important working space of the table — which has smooth and homogenous surface and has the needed hygienical and technical properties. 

Also, the construction of the positional mechanism came out from our studio. The new construction makes the table lift from 350 cm up to 110 cm from the floor and is controlled by footswitches, so the veterinarian has free hands to work with the patient while manipulating with the table hight. 

When shaping the product, we followed the function and ergonomics as well as looked for the simple but elegant form. It was underlined by the limet green — fresh and calming — applied on all the controls on the product.