Zdravý design

Libella Seat Mono is a simple wheelchair seat made of foamed latex for sports and everyday activities.

The wheelchair seat is made of perforated foamed latex manufactured from natural rubber. Patented production technology extends the product’s lifetime and guarantees good ventilation. The soft, easy-care, hypoallergenic material with anti-decubitus properties distributes pressure well, is breathable, vapor permeable and resistant to dust mites. Perforations allow air circulation, thermal comfort, and moisture drainage. The wheelchair seat thus provides appropriate skin support and blood circulation, whether you are playing sports or relaxing. Compared to memory foam, it does not shed its functional properties over time.

The cover is made of a breathable, non-slip 3D fabric, with good pressure distribution, that follows the filling material. On the breathable mesh bottom promoting airflow through the seat are placed velcro fasteners for a stable fit in the wheelchair. A zipper around the cover eases the filling removal, and a handle makes it easy to grip and handle.

The height of the seat is 5 cm. Width and depth can be chosen according to the actual dimensions of your wheelchair in sizes ranging from 36 x 38 cm to 48 x 50 cm (width x depth).