Zdravý design

Libella Seat Active is a flexible wheelchair seat for an active and uncompromising life in a wheelchair.

An inner layer of elastomeric fibers folded into a dense, lightweight, and durable 3D structure guarantees good pressure distribution, breathability, and elasticity so that the seat always returns to its original shape even after long and intensive pressure. The upper inner layer is made up of a breathable 3D textile that does not absorb water, distributes pressure well, and increases the temperature comfort. It overlays the pattern of the bottom layer and its elasticity and softness provide comfort even when sitting for a long time. The open structure of both layers allows air circulation and any fluid pass-through.

The cover of the sports wheelchair seat is premium Swiss waterproof membrane fabric. It is thin, flexible, breathable, and dries quickly. On the breathable mesh bottom promoting airflow through the seat are placed velcro fasteners for a stable fit in the wheelchair. A zipper around the cover eases the filling removal, and a handle makes it easy to grip and handle.
Choose from sizes ranging from 38 x 38 cm to 46 x 46 cm (width x depth). The seat height is optional 5 and 10 cm.