Zdravý design

This project riced up as a student award project for a Czech manufacturer of medical equipment Linet, in cooperation with a Faculty of Engineering, the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. The design got an award for „A best design concept“ at this competition and „International commission award“ at the competition Talent design 2010 in Zlín.

The aim of this project was to design maximally functional transport stretcher, to reach a nice and clean look and eliminate gaps, that brings hygienic problems. The design also focuses on a simple and fast manageability and to divert from current products – to create a new, original design. Shapes are based on rounded curves that make the product to look soft and elegant. On the other side, there is a strong steel construction that should withstand many impacts and so to evoke safe feeling. For an intuitive control of the device, all handling elements are marked by a green “go” line that also creates an interesting graphics and optimistic look. 

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Around the mattress goes a plastic bumper that also evokes a safe feeling and bounces back frequent impacts made by fast first aid. The bumper is fixed on the base for accessories (for example for infusion stands) and on the frame.

The design of sideways brings more intuitive handling and simpler look. Sideways folds from the head side to feet. To make a better patient security, there are five folding parts that are designed to make continues line in the folded position – as low as possible. The handle of sideways gets under the load area that creates an easier patient transport. The shapes of sideways should also remove an unpleasant feel from grids. The control of sideways is designed with the pressure spring mechanism that stops the sideways to fall down and harm patient.

The front part of the bed follows on the bumper and has several functions. The bottom part is used as a bumper and also as a hanging strip for needs of paramedics. The upper part makes a telescopic handle with three positions.

The positioning mechanism of the load area is placed in the middle under the load area, so the movability is easier. There is also the X-ray cassette that is possible add and remove without any need for patient manipulation.

To make the patient even safer, there is designed an innovative fixing system. The mechanism of the strap winding is based on the strap winding in a car.

In the frame of the basement, there is a space for a clear box for patient’s personal things that are easy to remove and clean and also for the oxygen bottle.

Castor wheels are designed bigger and wider for better stability when moving fast, and with simpler design to eliminate hygienic problems.

All dimensions and parameters come from standardized current products and regulations.