Zdravý design

The most valuable things we should wear in our heart and on the neck.

Robert Fulghum

Easy key system is a new intuitive solution for an easy and user-friendly handling of keys in everyday use. The product is universal, as it is applicable to most of the produced keys in the world.

The ‘key’ advantage is that in comparison to the common set of keys, this is intuitively organized, light-weight, saves space and also our clothes – no more being afraid of torn pockets! It can be also a fashionable piece of jewellery, which facilitates the selection of the correct key by the colours and the relief Brail letters.


The ergonomic distinguishers with keys are easy to rotate into 180° only by one finger. The dimension of the case is based on the standardized width of the blade of the key. The key is easy to modify into the right shape and the excess material can be recycled (save about 40% of the brass). 

The material, Polyurethane (LMPU3), is durable and the sturdy construction makes the case very rigid. The material allows a wide range of colours, so the colour next to each other is designed by the law of colour and light contrast.

Each key is fixed by the groove in its bow, with Allen screws and nuts. It is very easy to change the keys or clean all the parts.