Zdravý design

Do you prefer to physically hold a book whilst reading? Wouldn’t it be nice to lessen the weight of a school bag carrying a book stand? It would be just as nice to have a recipe book that could stand up without having to balance it on the microwave! Even better if there was a product on the market that could provide all of these benefits but still be portable and easy to clean.

We would like to introduce you to studio’s Zdravý design exclusive book stand, as a contribution to Srdcerváči.


The shape is specifically designed for its function and is capable of holding different sized books (format A6 – A4). The intricacy of the design pays attention to the purpose and comfort required for turning pages. This unique product has been made using one sheet of Biodegradable polypropylene (PP). The book stand is easy to manufacture and the use of the material is maximised during production. Bonus point: 100% recyclable!

It is possible to produce it in a wide range of colours and pattern options. The shape and simplicity of the object is evident in the demonstrated white version. This plain product won’t distract you during reading, as book pages tend to be white.

The construction of the shape is robust and stable and caters to various book positions. This simple, light-weight book stand is designed to help provide a more comfortable reading position. The product is easily portable due to its ‘origami’ characteristic, as it can be flatly packed ready for transport and to be used anywhere. The book stand is different in comparison to many currently existing book-holders that are made from metal or solid plastic, which usually makes them rigid and bulky.

Book stand can be used as a book mark; a book stand for reading books in the home; for holding recipe books in the kitchen, as it is easy to clean; art books etc. It could also be used for display of books for book shop windows.

The size of the product can be altered to facilitate a wide range of uses. For example, a phone stand, business cards stand, or alternatively a stand for bigger books and art boards.


You can find the book stand ready for purchase in Srdcerváči’s original collection from 9.9. 2015. Each purchase raises a contribution to the promotion of employing handicapped people. Powered by NFOZP.